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  • Writing for well-being - Four week in person course at Droitwich Library!
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Welcome to time2unfold, Brigitta Brain - time2unfold offers mental health and well-being workshops and counselling, where you can dive into dreams and passion and take the next steps to truly become who you would like to be

I am a counsellor, psychodrama writing and well-being trainer, coach and supervisor with years of experience in the international business as well as psycho-social sector. I offer coaching in different settings like 1+1 Individual coaching, group coaching in person and online, workshops online and in person on topics like communication, role conflicts or systemic thinking. Everyone is very welcome, professionals, students, job seekers and expats. I also support organisations in their change process from developing strategies till after care. I hope you find some input here and if you have any queries or want to make an appointment, please do get in touch.

What clients say about me

“I liked your event very much, I felt good afterwards and was carefully and empathetically guided through the evening. Thank you very much Brigitta!” (online event)

(C.B., Germany, Dec 20)

"Dear Brigitta, it was a fantastic event. I am amazed that it’s possible to feel so much depth in an online event. Well done and many thanks!" (Online Event)

(K.H., Germany, Dec 20)

Find out more about my coaching offers and what I can help you with:

1+1 Coaching

Group Events offline and online

Expat Coaching

Student Coaching

Organisational Development

1+1 Counselling and Coaching

Path in forest

What is 1+1 counselling and coaching?

Counselling for individuals is a professional setting in which you and I shine light on your current situation, the struggles you may feel and the resources you have to hand. Often the here and now is a repetition of something you may have felt previously in your life. We use the anchor of the presence to find wounds in the past and unfold what you need today. The main base is talking therapy and I incorporate coping strategies in the session where applicable. Counselling is a careful and steady process and supports you for as long as you need. You can have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions, depending on your personal circumstances.

Coaching has a shorter setting and usually focuses on one specific topic, like a conflict situation at work. The present problem is the guide in coaching and experiences from the past are used less. The setting is usually bi-weekly or monthly and runs over maximum 5 sessions.

When is counselling and coaching useful

Counselling and coaching become a useful help in life when things get complex, irritating and one loses sight of what he/she wants to achieve. Sometimes our behaviour and mind set doesn’t work for a specific or new situation and we feel stuck and can’t see the tree in front of the forest. Using counselling and coaching methods as well as myself as a mirroring partner, I will help you understand the reasons behind the struggle as well as move your life into the direction you strive.

Here are some possible topics and thoughts:
  • Feeling continuous sadness, lonelyness, emptyness and depression
  • Worrying and being anxious
  • Struggling with own feelings
  • Feeling stressed and burnout out
  • Experiencing conflict at home or at your work
  • Griefing over a lost loved one
  • Feeling overwhelmed by every day events
  • Experiencing uncontrollable anger
  • Feeling hopeless and lost thinking about the future
  • Feeling trapped or stuck in a situation

My counselling and coaching approach

My competencies in counselling and coaching are based on the systemic approach, meaning I see life from different angles and that we are influenced by our surroundings. We all walk in a world that is connected through our families we are born into, our partners we decide to live with and the colleagues, clients, managers or suppliers we work with. Understanding what influences us from outside can be a big part of coaching.

I see myself as an equal partner to you in the counselling and coaching process. I won’t tell you what to do, I primarily help you define your actions and next steps. As a neutral, open hearted and open minded coach I listen carefully to what you have to say and give my best to unfold your inner potential.

Confidentiality and trust

The most important basis for working with each other is that you find trust in me. I treat every discussion as strictly confidential. Unfolding strength and your potential can only truly happen if you feel safe and content with me being your coach. So we start easy with a first get to know each other session and by discussing your personal needs for your journey. Then take it from there. You can decide how much support you require and what topics are important for you right now.

The setting

One coaching session is set for 50 minutes and we decide together about the length and regularity of your coaching sessions depending on your personal needs and requirements.

Group events offline and online

Group jumping in front of sunset

What are group events offline?

Is there anything you feel stuck with, something you can’t seem to get your teeth into, something that’s bothering you on a personal and emotional level in a project, process or work topic? Speak it out loud and see your own solution through the help of others.

Group events are a way of sharing your situation, difficulties and urges to make a change with me and other people that are in a similar situation to you. We all reflect on your circumstances, give feedback and accompany you on your path of unfolding your potential. I offer a safe environment for all participants and encourage everyone to respect each other and appreciate everyone’s individuality. The participants in a group coaching session benefit from each other’s experiences and way of dealing with life’s challenges. Together we dare to look at the changes ahead, the new beginning and the unfolding of each one.

Offline group event - stop.reflect.change

Change does take time and continuous encouragement and reflection. Come and join us to connect with like minded people, learn about systemic group coaching methods and practice unfolding issues every time. In these session we follow a certain structure called Balint Method and everyone has time to talk about their situation.

The sessions are held in the morning 10:00 - 12:00 or evening 18:00 - 20:00 and cost £15 per person for 5 to 10 participants.
If you are interested in regular group coaching sessions in Worcestershire, please register your interest with Brigitta Brain and you will receive more information.

Brain bites & Soul Snacks - online events

I offer regular online events with different topics around self reflection and personal development. These 90 minutes long online events focus on making time for yourself to reflect on what is important to you right now. Every event includes meditative elements, a little bit theory on the topic, different coaching methods that you can try out yourself and discuss and review within a small break out group. Additionally they are held after work in the evening and can be enjoyed in a relaxed online atmosphere.
On request I also offer special events for companies to boost the energy, set common targets and educate in self-awareness.

Possible topics

  • What is the systemic view? Theory and practical implementation
  • Strengthen your strength
  • Perception and communication: - I am talking about what you can't hear and that is...'
  • Time management: Don't put off to tomorrow what can be done today.
  • Roles and role conflicts
  • Making decisions: yes, no, maybe
  • Vision exercise: Where do I stand today and where do I want to go?
  • Being creative


  • Online with zoom, please ensure quality tone and good video
  • 5-25 participants
  • Language: German or English
Have a look at the Xing group in German Brain Bites & Soul Snacks for more information about current events and register your participation directly there or contact Brigitta Brain.

Write Bites - unfolding through paper and pen - online

Take a break, become aware and feel into the thoughts under your thoughts. Join me for 1 hour of reflective writing about what is important to you right now.

What do we write about?
Every time I give you some impulses, either a story, some music or a mindful activity after which you let your thoughts wonder over your paper in front of you. During small break-out sessions you have the option to share your written story on different levels. You can read it out loud, summarise it or share your thoughts on how you felt during the writing exercise. You determine yourself how much you want to share today.

  • 5-20 participants
  • Venue: online - I will send you the zoom link after registration
  • Costs: special offer 5-10 €
  • Language: English or German depending on the group
  • Registration: Please get in touch with Brigitta Brain or have a look at the current time slots on Brain Bites & Soul Snacks.

Expat Coaching & Support

People riding coach and horses

If you are on this page, you may be in the process of relocating. Either way, welcome!

Here you find my thoughts about the life changing process of moving to a new country, some tips and my service for coaching and relocation support throughout your move to Vienna and settling in phase.

Moving country is a strain on our emotions

Going through an international move can be a life changing event for not only the newly recruited expert but for the whole family. It is not only the career perspective that determines our happiness, it is the society, the culture and how well integrated we feel. If we feel lonely, isolated and helpless over a long period of time, this can lead to serious depression and anxiety. Many highly qualified experts have to go back home because the challenge and pressure on the whole family is too much.

I have been in this situation of being new somewhere many times in my life, including moving to Vienna twice, once with and once without children. I know the ups and downs of a multicultural journey as a single person and as a mother. We experience different feelings along this journey in our lives. From excitement and joy to overwhelming sadness and anger and sometimes on the same day. We have the whole range of emotions that come crashing down on us and we are not always prepared to handle them.

Relocating is highly demanding on our brain power and might leave us feeling exhausted. Sometimes we don’t have the strength to discuss these matters with our partner, maybe wanting to protect him or her and putting on a brave face. We may feel that we want to go back home, pack it in or just sit through the time abroad in silence until we can go back home. Is this what you want from your life though? People say that it just takes time to adjust. Surely it does, but you don’t need to suffer on the way. You don’t need to feel isolated and lonely, you have the power to create your life - also abroad.

What does Expat Coaching look like?

I have gone through many moves in life and as a fully qualified coach, I can support you along the way. I can appreciate what you are going through and I have also the necessary qualifications to coach you through the process. Yet the most important basis for working with each other is that we click. Unfolding strength and your potential can only truly happen if you feel safe and happy with me being your coach. So we start easy with a first get to know each other session and by discussing your personal needs for your journey. Then take it from there. You can decide what support you require and what topics are important for you right now. Possible topics could be: review and unfold your career prospects here in Vienna, find new coping strategies in an unfamiliar surrounding, get advice on how to deal with language issues or turn a stressful moving experience into your new positive life. I offer 1+1 coaching and group coaching (2+ Coaching) for those that feel they want to share their experiences, network and go through this with others.

Expat Training Program

The Expat Training Program offers you 1+1 Coaching, 2+ Coaching tailored to Expat needs as well as special workshop events. Look out for the activities!

Read more about my offers in this presentation or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Be kind to yourself
  • Appreciate you are doing enough
  • Check in with your children to see how they are feeling
  • Tell your partner how you are feeling and ask him/her too
  • Accept grief of leaving your old home behind
  • Plan a goodbye ritual with your family (e.g. all cleaning the old home together, packing some items together, have a party, plan your last trip)
  • Unpack in your own time
  • Accept the time you need for settling in
  • Take time off and discover the area together
  • Ask as many questions as you need
  • If you get stressed or frustrated, know everybody does
  • If you get home sick, understand it is normal


  • Don’t expect the move will go smoothly
  • Don’t expect everyone will be happy all the time
  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself in between
  • Don’t argue about little things, they are not worth it
  • Don’t compare to your previous home

Please feel free to contact me to see if I can help.

Coaching for students

Student looking into book

It can be a tough time being a student, especially when you are away from home the first time. There are new responsibilities to look after yourself, plan your time, choose what you want to study and make plans what to do after your studies. These can be many things at once that could cause stress, anxiety or even lead to depression. I accompany you with coaching to approach your career, set out a plan and walk the first steps into your professional life. I also offer coaching for job interviews.

You can choose between individual and group coaching. Feel free to approach me for more details.

Organisational Development

Stones stacked on sand

During my professional career within organisations I have given workshops, training and team development sessions, mostly in English. I am confident and near native in English and therefore offer workshops to multilingual teams and organisations. I can offer the following topics:

  • Workshops to clarify the current status (Strength and weakness analysis)
  • Workshops to identify the future status
  • Ongoing coaching of the project leader and teams until integration
  • Team building and development through workshops and ongoing group coaching

Please approach me to discuss your requirements.

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